Hot Pink Polka Dots Organic Cotton Fabric | Width - 160cm/63inch

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$20 / per metre
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What is this fabric?

This fabric is 100% organic cotton. The fabric is 160cm / 63 inch wide and has hot pink polka dots print. Fabric Family always offers high quality cotton fabrics. This is an all-purpose fabric.

What can I use it for?

It's great for sewing and very good for clothes. It can be used to make curtains, shirts, cushions, skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, decoration and much more. It's perfect for clothing repairs or dressmaking or any crafts that you have in mind. If you need any help or advice please email or chat with us.

Need specific measurement?

If you need 50cm or 25cm or any specific measurement of this fabric, please start an online chat with us and we will be able to add the measurement of the fabric to your cart.


Width: 160cm / 63inch
Pattern: Hot Pink Polka Dots
Fabric Type: Organic Cotton
Material: 100% Cotton 
Brand: Fabric Family
Delivery: Yes
Click & Collect: Yes

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